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Ismaily SC

Exploring Ismaily SC’s Legacy in Egyptian Football

Ismaily SC, also known as Ismaily Sports Club, is a legendary Egyptian football team that has left an indelible mark on the country’s sporting landscape. Based in Ismailia, Egypt, Ismaily SC has a rich history and a passionate fan base that has supported the club through its many triumphs and challenges.

Established in 1924, Ismaily SC has become one of the oldest and most successful football teams in Egypt. The club’s impressive list of achievements includes six Egyptian Premier League titles and four Egyptian Cup victories. Ismaily SC has also made its presence felt on the international stage, participating in prestigious competitions such as the CAF Champions League.

Throughout the years, Ismaily SC has been a breeding ground for talented players who have made significant contributions to Egyptian football. From iconic figures like Mohamed Aboutrika and Hassan Shehata to the current generation of rising stars, the club’s roster has always showcased the best of Egyptian talent.

History of Ismaily SC

Ismaily SC, one of the oldest and most successful football teams in Egypt, has a rich history that spans nearly a century. Founded in 1924, the club has become a pillar of Egyptian football, leaving an indelible mark on the sport in the country.

Throughout its existence, Ismaily SC has achieved notable successes, solidifying its position as one of Egypt’s most respected teams. The club has lifted the Egyptian Premier League trophy six times, showcasing its dominance in domestic competitions. Additionally, Ismaily SC has clinched victory in the Egyptian Cup on four occasions, cementing its status as a formidable force on the national stage.

Not content with domestic triumphs alone, Ismaily SC has also ventured into international competitions, participating in the prestigious CAF Champions League. This global platform has provided the club with opportunities to showcase its talent and compete against other top football teams from across Africa.

Furthermore, Ismaily SC’s commitment to player development has contributed to the overall success of Egyptian football. The club has a strong reputation for nurturing and honing young talent, producing skilled players who have gone on to represent Egypt at the national level.

With a century of history behind it, Ismaily SC continues to make its mark as a prominent and influential institution in Egyptian football.

Ismaily SC history

Year Egyptian Premier League Egyptian Cup
2020 6 4

This table showcases Ismaily SC’s Egyptian Premier League and Egyptian Cup victories throughout its history.

Achievements and Successes

Ismaily SC has a long list of achievements and successes. The team has won the Egyptian Premier League in 1967, 1991, 2002, 2007, 2018, and 2020. In addition, Ismaily SC has lifted the Egyptian Cup trophy in 1997, 2000, 2001, and 2002. The club has also had success in continental competitions, reaching the CAF Champions League final in 1969 and finishing as runners-up. Ismaily SC’s consistent performance and strong presence in Egyptian football have solidified their place as one of the top teams in the country.

Ismaily SC results

Ismaily SC’s success can be attributed to their exceptional performances throughout the years. The team’s multiple victories in the Egyptian Premier League highlight their dominance in domestic competition. By clinching the league title on six occasions, Ismaily SC has showcased their consistency and ability to perform under pressure.

The club’s success is not limited to the domestic stage. Ismaily SC’s triumphs in the Egyptian Cup have reinforced their reputation as a force to be reckoned with. Their ability to triumph in knockout tournaments demonstrates their resilience and ability to deliver when it matters most.

Furthermore, Ismaily SC’s participation in international competitions has brought them recognition on a global scale. Reaching the CAF Champions League final in 1969 is a testament to the team’s quality and ability to compete against the best in Africa. Although they finished as runners-up, their impressive journey showcased their skill and potential.

Ismaily SC’s achievements and successes have cemented their status as one of the elite teams in Egyptian football. Their consistent performances, domestic triumphs, and continental endeavors have solidified their legacy in the sport. With a passionate fan base behind them, Ismaily SC continues to strive for excellence and add to their impressive list of accomplishments.

Key Players and Current Squad

Ismaily SC has a long history of attracting talented players who have made significant contributions to the team. Over the years, the club has been home to several notable players who have left their mark on Egyptian football.

Notable Former Players

Some of the prominent former players of Ismaily SC include:

  • Mohamed Aboutrika
  • Hassan Shehata
  • Ibrahim Hassan

These players have not only achieved success at Ismaily SC but have also made a significant impact on the national stage, representing the Egyptian national team in various international tournaments.

Current Squad

Ismaily SC’s current squad is a blend of experienced veterans and promising young talents. The team continues to attract and nurture talented players who are passionate about their craft and committed to the club’s success.

Name Position Nationality
Mohamed Sadek Forward Egyptian
Mahmoud Metwaly Midfielder Egyptian
Hosni Abd Rabo Defender Egyptian

Fan Base and Support

Ismaily SC boasts a dedicated and passionate fan base that wholeheartedly supports the team in all their endeavors. These fans are known for their unwavering loyalty and can be seen in great numbers during matches, creating an electric atmosphere in the stadium. Their presence and enthusiasm inspire the players on the field and play a crucial role in pushing the team towards success.

The supporters of Ismaily SC are actively engaged in following the latest team news and fixtures. They stay updated with the latest happenings through various sources, eagerly discussing and sharing their thoughts on social media platforms and fan forums. The fans take immense pride in being a part of the Ismaily SC community and displaying their unwavering support.

Furthermore, Ismaily SC enjoys a vibrant fan culture, with its supporters organizing events and initiatives to rally behind the team. These initiatives include organizing fan gatherings, coordinating travel arrangements to away matches, and creating impressive banners and chants. The fans’ dedication and commitment to the club go beyond the boundaries of the pitch and contribute to the overall success and legacy of Ismaily SC.


Q: When was Ismaily SC founded?

A: Ismaily SC was founded in 1924.

Q: How many times has Ismaily SC won the Egyptian Premier League?

A: Ismaily SC has won the Egyptian Premier League six times.

Q: How many Egyptian Cup trophies has Ismaily SC won?

A: Ismaily SC has won the Egyptian Cup four times.

Q: Has Ismaily SC participated in international competitions?

A: Yes, Ismaily SC has participated in international competitions, such as the CAF Champions League.

Q: Who are some notable former players of Ismaily SC?

A: Some notable former players of Ismaily SC include Mohamed Aboutrika, Hassan Shehata, and Ibrahim Hassan.

Q: Who are some current players in Ismaily SC’s squad?

A: Some current players in Ismaily SC’s squad include Mohamed Sadek, Mahmoud Metwaly, and Hosni Abd Rabo.

Q: What is the fan base like for Ismaily SC?

A: Ismaily SC has a passionate fan base that supports the team enthusiastically and regularly attends matches.

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